Quick Tips:

  • Most scams involve Western Union, Money Gram, cashier's check, money order, shipping, escrow service or even a guarantee.
  • Unwilling or unable to meet face-to-face.
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Be careful when buying items that will be shipped to you. Check out the seller first. Often scammers will post an ad witha price that is very low to entice buyers to send a cashier's check. They will cash the check and fail to send you the item you were trying to purchase.
  • Never give out your financial information
  • Deal locally and meet in person in a safe, public place
  • Never wire funds using Western Union, Moneygram or other wire services
  • Fake cashiers checks are common and the scam buyer will often pay more than the asking amount which they will say is for shipping. If the check is bad you end up eating the cost of shipping plus giving away your merchandise.
  • Sledswap or Atvquadswap never gets involved in transactions and we will never offer guarantees, etc. We do not handle payments, provide escrow services nor do we offer any type of buyer protection or certification. If you receive an email that appears to originate from this website and contains content like that mentioned above forward it to info at sledswap(.com)
  • For more detailed information on scams, go to: http://www.sledswap.com/HowToReportFraud.html

Scam examples:

>>i am dealer out of UK, i am interested in buying your
>>sled. I will like to know if you would accept
>> a certified cashier check for the payment of ite,i also need to
>> know the price and your full name and address including your
>> phone is also needed in which payment will be sent to . i have a
>> shipping company who takes cares of my shippment .So don't bother
>> about the shippment.I will also like to know if is still in good
>> condition and
>> shape.urgent response is needed for procedure of payment of the sled.
>> REGARD, Simon

>>Thank you for your response concerning my enquiry.Inorder to
>>conclude our arrangement concerning your sled i want to purchase,i've
>>agree to the price you're selling and i want you to forward to me,your
>>payment information so that payment can be made on time.The payment
>>will come inform of certified/Cashier's check for the sled.Moreso the
>>shipping fee will be added to the payment which you have to deduct
>>your own money and the rest will be for the shipping agent that will
>>come for the pick-up of the sled in your location.I'll ask my shipper
>>to contact you concerning the time they can come for the pick-up of
>>the sled after you might have receive the payment and verify by your
>>bank.I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you soonest with
>>your payment information such as the name that will be on the
>>Check,your address and phone number for future communication.

>> Thanks for your email, Since the cost of your snowmobile is $5600 i just contacted
>> my client about the cost and it present condition and he said
>> there is no problem about that.So my client said he will be issuing you a
>> Certified Check of $5600 while you wire 3000 to me through Western Union
>> Money Trasfer and you deduct the cost of your snowmobile $5600 and keep the
>> remaining $2600 which my client said you should take for the terms of
>> Transaction and Agreement between you and my client.So i will like you to
>> send me your full contact information to where my client will be sending you
>> the Certified Check like this:
>> name.........
>> full address.............
>> city...............
>> state.............
>> country..........
>> zipcode............
>> cell/office/home phone number.......................
>> I will look forward to the requested information ASAP so
>> that the check can be sent out to you right away and do get back to me
>> with the Pics of the snowmobile so that my client will be able to see What he
i>> s paying off.Get back to me immediately. Looking torwards your
>> respond,
>> Best Regards

Hi There,
I am interested in the sled machine advertised on www.32132.com. Please send a picture(s) & information regarding the sled and your final asking price for the sled.Thanks and i look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.Regards

Dear Ted,
sorry about the delay.Am using this time to inform you that the payment been issued out on your name and sent to your address.You're going to receive the payment tomorrow or on monday.Kindly e-mail me back as soon as you receive the payment so that i can inform the shipping company to contact you for the pick as soon as the bank verifiy the funds.Thanks for your co-operation and kind gesture.

Example of a seller trying to sell an item at a very low price and making excuses for not being able to talk on the phone:

I had an accident while i was riding a horse few weeks ago and now i have some auditory problems and i cant hear much so im not able to speak on the phone for a proper conversation,but feel free to mail me with your questions.