2012 Kawasaki Brute 650

This ATV comes to us with heavy chassis damage. This atv does run, but is not drive able. The odometer reads 2434miles. The plastics have damage throughout. The front bumper and rack are heavily damaged. The front left a-arm is damaged. The rest of the front drive train appears to be ok. The front of the frame has some paint wear around the welds; we are unsure if the frame is bent. The front plastic is bent and scratched. The left and right floorboards are bent and worn. The right rear wheel is broke of from the axle. The rear plastic is heavily bent and worn. The rear rack has damage and wear. All of the wheels have some wear. The air box cover is not present. The handlebars have wear. The swing arm is cracked and damaged. We are unsure if there is any damage to the engine or transmission. Go to www.recreationalsalvage.com to view more photos