2015 Polaris 900HO Ranger XP

This unit comes to us due to front end and motor damage. This unit starts and runs but will not idle it has 1813 miles on it but the speedo was stolen from us while in our shed. When we start and run it for a period of time the motor will smoke and there is smoke that comes out of the intake system. On the front end you can see the frame of the roll cage is twisted. The front bumper is pushed in on the right side and is rusty. Going to the right side the upper and lower A-arms are bent. The front rim is bent up. Looking at the upper and lower frame rails were the A-arms attach you can see the frame is bent. All the side plastics are scratched. Going to the rear the box is heavily scratched and the tailgate is cracked. Both tail lights are broke. The shock connected to the box is broke off. The box does function correctly. Going to the left side the plastics are scratched from front to back. None of the plastics seem to line up with the dash. It appears the machine has been rolled. The inside appears to be in good shape. There is a built in radio and speakers that work. to view more photos go to www.recreationalsalvage.com