Quad Racing Events

Quad racing across the country

An all-terrain vehicle is not only for a fun off-road ride. There are so many ATV riders out there that you can link up with other enthusiasts and compete in a race. Better yet, many quad racing events are open for registration, and not limited to professional riders. It is important to check the details of the course, however. Some races take place over rough terrain and for long distances.

Experienced quad riders can take advantage of racing events at arenas and courses across the country. Many of these include obstacles and lots of mud. Skill may be needed to master these courses, but you’ll also need courage and determination. The different types of ATV races can take place in a motocross, which is often held on two tracks that can be built from natural terrain or be man-made. Tourist Trophy races consist of dirt tracks with circular turns and jumps, while cross country style events take place on marked courses that can go on for long distances.

Many events include a registration period, practice time, and pre-race events before you can complete in the main competition. One event, which is attended by both amateur and professional ATV riders, is the AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series. Competitive races are held nationwide, but the quad racing event at Sunset Ridge MX, in Walnut, Illinois in May is one where the entire family can attend. Another popular event is the AMA ATVMX Championship, at Aonia Pass MX, in Georgia, while the flat track races held at Bear Creek Raceway in Dobson, North Carolina are somewhat better for less experienced riders.

To participate in quad racing events, check the websites of major organizations and look for details on how to enter. You may need some experience with competitive riding, rather than just a few fun outings with friends under your belt. A local event with an easy course may be just the thing to get your feet wet. Some websites are set up in a social media type format where you can view events posted by other riders. You can mark your attendance or post events of your own, and such a format can be useful for finding other riders with a similar interest.

Quad racing events can be fun, but require responsibility. No matter what event you participate in, know that the machine will require lots of maintenance along the way. Inspect the ATV yourself or have a professional on hand to do so, to be sure that your ride is safe around every turn.

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